North Bay Area Mardi Gras Parade Rolls On

It's hard for some people to stand still.

But why should they? It's Mardi Gras, and a party was on Sunday afternoon in D'Iberville.

Hundreds of people lined the streets for the North Bay Area Mardi Gras Parade, hoping to catch all kinds of things, which is the ultimate attraction of these parades.

"You get free stuff," said Amethyst Elisaga of Gulfport.

But Mardi Gras post-Hurricane Katrina means more than just lagniappe.

It's a return to a tradition many thought would be washed away.

"It's for the children. It's to bring some kind of normalcy back to the children and to make them feel that nothing's changed," said Timothy Barrett of Gulfport.

But the adults definitely got in on the action as well, like the Hill family from Gulfport.

"Well, it's just something to do. It's just me and my wife and we enjoy the Mardi Gras so we come out every year," said Leneal Hill.

And Mable Hulett from Michigan decided to get in party spirit while visiting her granddaughter.

"When Katrina happened, she had to evacuate and she was very fortunate, she didn't have a lot of damage, but wanted to come down because we helped her purchase her home a year ago, her husband was in Iraq, so we wanted to come down and see what it looked like," said Hulett.

And while some of the scenery has changed, the unlikely characters of Mardi Gras remains the same - like this pooch decked out in a Mardi Gras hat and leather trimmed in fur, or this baby wearing underwear on his head to keep him warm.

It just goes to show that South Mississippi still knows how to have fun at least for a few days.

Various local kings and queens reigned over this year's parade with Richard Britt serving as grand marshall.

And theme this year-"Mardi Gras, Our Way Again."