Humane Society Makes The Move To New Facility

It the final day of business at the old Humane Society of South Mississippi and the deals couldn't be better.

"It's our Mutts and Meows on the Move," says Humane Society Assistant Director Julie Parks. "We're having an adopt-a-thon special this weekend where all the animals that are adopted are half price."

Because every animal that finds a new family now means one less they'll have to move later.

"Exactly," says Parks. "Lighten the work load just a little bit."

And that long dreamed of moving day, says Parks has finally arrived.

"We're going to start moving all of the support items, of course all of the paper work and the materials and everything that gets us by, and later in the week we'll make the final move of the animals."

And it's definitely a move up. From eight thousand to 41 thousand square feet of space, an indoor climate control environment verses outdoor kennels.

In short, all the modern shelter amenities this place doesn't have.

"We are grateful to be leaving, says Parks. "The building is falling apart around us and hurricane Katrina accelerated that movement."

Parks says the hurricane also did something else.

It focused national attention from animal welfare and spay and neuter groups on the area and their new shelter.

"They're looking at us because of our new facility, we will have the capacity to really get a handle on the pet over population in the community."

In fact Parks says they hope to secure grant money from those organizations to continue their free spay and neuter program, and eventually evolve into a national model for all shelters.

Expectations that leave very little room for emotional good-byes to their old home of the past 50 years.

"Especially on rainy days," says Parks says with a laugh. "I think we can throw away the buckets now."