Beach Living Too Big A Temptation To Resist

Andy Adams is building back on his Bay St. Louis beach front lot. The property near the Waveland line was once owned by the late author and historian Steven Ambrose. Adams bought it in 2004.

Plans are underway to replace the house Katrina blew away. Until then, Adams and his wife will live in what was once a pool house and garage.

"Over the garage was Steven Ambrose's study where he did his writing. So I joined the two together so I'll have two bedrooms and a kitchen and family room downstairs," says Adams.

Adams is from Georgia. While visiting friends two years ago in Waveland, he bought a condo. Now he says he's in Mississippi to stay.

"The people are friendly. It's a real nice area, good place to retire. It's such a nice area. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets."

Adams' contractor says the beach is too tempting for other homeowners to stay away too long.

"I believe once they see that he's the first one and building back so soon, they'll probably eventually go ahead and start building, I would imagine," T.J. Cochran says. "I'm slowly seeing them build in the Pass and Diamondhead, so it's starting to build back here."

Adams says he didn't think twice about coming back to his waterfront paradise and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that go with it.