Broadwater's Post-Katrina Plans About To Be Unveiled

Within the ruins of the Broadwater Resort are small pieces of history. Little nuggets that remind people of a time when the Broadwater was Biloxi's flagship hotel. Now, it's nothing more than a battered beachfront property.

Pathways that once led guests to bungalows have debris littered across them. Walking around the property -- even if you're Roy Anderson, III and you own it -- is virtually impossible.

"I actually see probably in the next six months you'll see some activity over here," the owner said.

Anderson and W.C. Fore bought the 266 acre Broadwater Resort four months before Katrina's untimely blow. Despite what appears to be a catastrophic mess that can't be redeveloped, Anderson is still focused on restoring the Broadwater's status as a must see destination.

"I think it's a better project," he said, after being asked if the post-Katrina designs were better than his vision before the storm. "It's an easier project to finance right now."

Next week, the Broadwater developers meet with the Biloxi Planning Commission. And they'll pitch a plan that's vastly different from their original pre-Katrina designs. The initial concept included a 30 plus story condominium and a casino. Both would have been on the other side of Highway 90.

But since the storm, Anderson said that particular developer has rethought his plans. And the state adopted on shore gaming laws.

"Now of course you can be on the north side," he said, citing the rule that allows Harrison County casinos to be 800 feet from the shoreline. "And it allows the retail to be contiguous to the casino operation."

And that's the biggest change made to the Broadwater's new master plan. If the Biloxi Planning Commission signs off on it, a casino, shops, condos, hotels and a championship golf course would all replace the Broadwater's current hurricane debris field.

"Right now it's just talk until the city approves it," said Anderson.

And the city's first look at how Broadwater owners envision their land post Katrina is less than a week away.

The planning commission public hearing on the Broadwater is Thursday at 2:00 on the second floor of Biloxi City Hall.