Adjusting Your Thermostat and Fans for Maximum Efficiency


During winter, for every degree you lower your heat (within the range of 60 deg. To 72 deg.) you save about 3% of your heating consumption. Wear a sweater – a light long sleeved sweater makes the room feel 2 deg's. warmer, a heavy sweater makes it feel about four degrees warmer.

During summer, for every degree you raise your air conditioner thermostat setting (within the range of 70 deg. To 80 deg.) you cut cooling consumption 3% to 4%. Wear lightweight clothing in the summer.

Thermostat location should be on an inside wall away from windows and doors and be sure to seal the hole behind the thermostat. Do not locate thermostat in the kitchen or on the wall of a utility room which contains furnace, water heater, washer and dryer. Don't place lamps, TV sets or other heat producing devices beneath a wall mounted thermostat. The heat source from these areas will cause the thermostat to work improperly causing erratic operation of your heating and cooling equipment. This will put unnecessary wear and tear and cause the system to be inefficient.

Programmable or setback thermostats can be a big energy saver for homes, if used properly. They automatically adjust the temperature setting when people are sleeping or are not at home. Be certain that the programmable thermostat selected is designed for the particular heating and cooling system


In winter the fan should be running counter clockwise on slow speed to gently push heated air down from the ceiling especially with high or cathedral ceilings. (if you stand under the fan and can feel the air blow on you it is correct). Remember heat rises. In summer the fan should be running clock wise on high speed to draw the cool air up. (if you stand under the fan and it doesn't feel like you feel air movement it is correct). You will notice that curtains and ribbons will draw away from the wall. Remember cold air is heavy and falls. This will pull it up off the floor to your comfort level. This will also help second floor rooms feel more comfortable.