Joe Horn Plays Leadership Role For New Orleans Saints

If you attended any of the practice sessions in Thibodaux, Louisiana you couldn't help notice the hustle and bustle of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Horn. While some players run through the motions during practice, Horn goes all out.

That's why he earned All-Pro honors last season, his first with the New Orleans Saints. Practice paid off. His 94 catches and 13-hundred-40 yards established single season Saints records. When you talk about leaders, Joe Horn quickly jumps in front of the line.

Joe Horn said, "I've got three personalities, Hollywood, Wood, and Joe Horn. If you catch me at the right one at the right time I might say some good stuff. We're working hard. I'm trying to make the guys upbeat at times when I feel like their down low. I do that in a pregame. I'll be looking into their eyes and see who I feel is not ready and I try to do whatever I have to do to bring my excitement out to bring the other guys excitement out."

Joe Horn is a vital cog in the wheel that has the New Orleans Saints offense rolling in the right direction. He does it through his god-given talents and outspoken leadership. He's worth every penny the Saints have dished out for his contract.