Congressman Taylor Calls On Feds To Prep FEMA Trailers Now For Hurricane Season

Congressman Gene Taylor wants the head of Homeland Security to get to work now, planning for this year's hurricane season.

In a letter to Secretary Michael Chertoff, Taylor criticized the Department of Homeland Security as "having no plan of action for the people living in FEMA trailers."

More than 35,000 travel trailers are in place in South Mississippi. Congressman Taylor says he fears everyone living in them will be in danger if a hurricane approaches our area.

He wants FEMA to conduct wind tunnel tests and release video tape of those tests to help convince people not to try to ride out a storm in a FEMA trailer.

With many trailers in flood zones, he also wants FEMA to find safe places to move those trailers quickly, and says contractors should be in place to move trailers. For trailers not in flood zones, Taylor wants FEMA to make sure trailers are tied down securely right now, instead of waiting until hurricane season.

Some of Congressman Taylor's ideas may be unnecessary. Local FEMA reps and officials with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency told WLOX News that more than 99 percent of all FEMA travel trailers are tied down and secured when they are placed on sites.

FEMA says no one should attempt to move a travel trailer, or stay in one, when an evacuation notice is given.

State officials also told WLOX News that they are working on plans to open more shelters for this hurricane season and provide transportation for people who need help getting there.