Post Katrina Concert Lifts South Mississippi Spirits

Jackson County was the site of a very special post Katrina concert Sunday, headlined by the daughter of one of music's legendary figures.

Sheila Raye Charles, daughter of Grammy winning musician Ray Charles, traveled to South Mississippi with her music and a message.

Charles hopes both will help lift the spirits of South Mississippians at a time when it's needed most.

The intro to a Ray Charles classic together with the sound of drums only added to the excitement of what was to come.

"I never see any celebrities come to Pascagoula," said Pascagoula resident Keely Arthur.

"I am kind of curious ya know does that apple really not far from the tree ya know I am curious of her talent," said Pascagoula resident Charles Johnson.

"It is good they can come to a little town like Pascagoula and spend sometime with us." said Pascagoula resident John Read.

With a standing ovation, Sheila Ray Charles brought the soulful sounds of her legendary father to South Mississippi.

But music wasn't the only part of her mission, there was also a message.

"We want to show that we have the maximum respect for them in their pain and their joy and suffering," said Charles.

What better way to express that message than through music.

"Whatever it takes to bring this back or any other community where we can help and show love we will be there for you," said Charles.

Though her gift of music, put smiles on many post Katrina faces, Charles says she hopes to do even more.

"I see so many other artists and stars that are in a position to make change they talk about it but they are not doers I will be a doer and then talk about it later," said Charles

The national organization Team Max Respect, sponsored the free concert.

Sheila Raye Charles says she plans to stay in South Mississippi for next couple of days to tour the devastation around other areas in Jackson County.