Military Confirms Helicopter Crash Deaths

U-S military leaders on Sunday confirmed the deaths of eight Marines and two Air Force members after a helicopter crash off the coast of Africa.

Officials are not releasing their names out of deference to the privacy of family members.

However, they say the victim's families have been notified.

We have learned one of the dead is a South Mississippian, 25 year old Sergeant Donnie Levens of Long Beach.

His mother Margaret says she was told of her son's death Saturday.

Mrs. Levens says her son was on board one of those two military transport helicopters that crashed just after sunset Friday off the coast of Africa.

Flags were flying at half staff Saturday night in Long Beach in honor of Sergeant Leven's life and his service to his country.

Military officials say initial reports indicate the two CH-53E helicopters collided in mid-air while conducting a night time training exercise.

Two U-S troops who survived the collision are said to be in the hospital in stable condition.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.