First New Post Hurricane Subdivision Coming To Hancock County

Hancock County Realtor Dixie Birdsall has two simple words to describe her post Katrina rural neighborhood of Bayside Park.

"Wiped out," says Birdsall.

It's a pain she feels personally.

"I lost everything. I don't have a thing left," she says.

But not only is she determined to come back. She's determined to see her neighbors come back with her.

"The people that are from here, that want to stay here and live here in this community, we need to get them back in a home," says Birdsall. "And that's my goal."

To do that she needed some help, from a builder willing to do it, and bank willing to fund it.

She found that help from developer Alan Forbes of Double A Home Builders.

"We're so excited about this project, says Forbes. "A, we have lots that are ready to build on immediately. Secondly it's at an affordable price."

And she found the funding, a one million dollar construction line of credit from AmSouth Bank.

"What we did is, we came in and allowed him to purchase the 71 lots and then also provided funding for spec homes," says Jeff Haigler, AmSouth's Residential Construction Lender.

Forbes plans to begin construction the first four spec homes within weeks.

"We have five models," says Forbes. "They're going to be priced anywhere from 89.9 to 110, 115, depending upon what the homeowner needs."

And that price range, Dixie says, is what should make the new Bayside Park an attainable reality for all of it's working class residents.

"If we can get them approved through different sources, we're going to try everybody," says Birdsall. "I'm not going to go with one bank or one lender and stop. I'm going to try to find somebody that going to qualify everybody. I think everybody wants to stay and we want to rebuild and I just hope I can help them."