Life Returns to 2nd Street

Cathey Riemann of Gulfport celebrated her 50th birthday tonight, in her own home.

Katrina flooded Cathey's two story house, but it wasn't knocked off of its foundation. After months of hard work she moved back in just in time to celebrate this major milestone.

Owning this house was a dream come true for Riemann.

"I moved into this house a year ago in February. I lived in this neighborhood for 14 years in a smaller house about half a block away, actually, I can see it right now. And this was always my dream house. Last year on my birthday, I moved into this house and this year I am moving into it again. So I hope this isn't an annual event," said Riemann.

One annual event Cathey was looking forward to was her birthday.

"I am just so looking forward to getting together to celebrate instead of getting together and crying like we have been doing," said Riemann.

Cathey remembers what is was like seeing her house for the first time after Katrina.

"It was just devastating because this is my hometown. This isn't just my house, this is my home. To see my house, my neighbors houses destroyed, it was just heart breaking. But I made up my mind that day to rebuild," said Riemann.

And ever since that day, the rebuilding process has been moving forward.

"Last night while we were working late trying to get things ready, one of my neighbors was driving by and he said, 'I just wanted to tell you how great it is to see lights on 2nd Street,'" said Riemann.

Now most homes in that neighborhood were destroyed, but Cathey was able to begin rebuilding her home just two weeks after Katrina.

Cathey says she is slowly seeing signs of improvement as her neighbors come back and vow to rebuild.