Council Scales Back Caillavet Widening

The new design for Caillavet Street eliminates a service road to the new four lane road, and reduces the right of way. Councilmembers say the changes should help the overdue widening move much faster. Saving money is the big plus, as is eliminating the service road. The old plan made Caillavet Street a service road with the new four lane road going in about a half block to the east. Ward 2 Councilmember Eric Dickey says the revised plan works much better. "Gives more greenery space on the west side of the proposed alignment as well as reducing the cost for land acquisition at the intersection of Division Street and of course Caillavet Street," says Dickey.

Councilmember Jim Compton says he had problems with the original plan and the new one should have been the one the council adopted from the beginning. He says now the wider road will have a smaller impact on citizens property. Jim Compton says, "This essentially moves the road over 24 feet in most sections and leaves an additional 24 feet on the east properties.  The significant reductions is in the taking of businesses. Unfortunately there's still a lot of businesses of people here in the room that will still be taken but I think some of those will have enough property left."

Leaving out the service road also leaves more room for new businesses. Ward 4 Councilmember Charles Harrison says, "It allows potential development on the west side and it speeds up the Caillavet Street project considerably so I think it's a win, win, win if you take it from those aspects."

So far, the city has spent five and a half million dollars to buy property along Caillavet Street

Marcia Hill