D'Iberville Residents, Businesses Deal With Water Warnings

The food is hot. The gelato is cold. But the fountain is dry for the lunch crowd at Strami's Italian Cafe.

"We can't make anything with the water," a cashier tells a customer. "The only kind of drinks we can serve are canned drinks."

And that's just one of problems caused by D'Iberville's city wide boil water notice for manager Jason Stram.

"Anything that comes out of the tap we can not serve," says Stram. "We can't put it in any of our food we prepare. We can't wash any of our dishes with it unless we have the proper chemicals in it."

It's a headache Stram prepared for when he first noticed a loss in water pressure.

"We did lose pressure in our water yesterday at about 10 o'clock and then the Health Department called me and let me know last night that we were under a boil water advisory. So I had to dump all my ice and everything, and make sure it doesn't get out to any of our customers."

But he expects the biggest headaches will come during his biggest night of the week.

"Friday night is our biggest night and I'm sure the drink thing will get out of control tonight," says Stram. "So we'll have to really stock up back there for all that stuff."

But like his food service neighbors along Sangani Avenue, the hard times following Hurricane Katrina have taught him to take such inconveniences in stride.

"It's not bad at all," chuckles Stram. "I've put up with worse."