New FEMA Trailer Park Under Construction

While driving along Popp's Ferry Road you might have noticed some major construction near the Catholic Diocese.

FEMA is setting up a new trailer park, as a way to handle some long term housing issues. They'll set up more than 170 full size mobile homes on about eight acres.

According to FEMA representative Gene Romano, this park is just one of several new housing projects.

"The important thing about a site like this is it just shows we are entering another phase of the disaster assistance that were are providing. This is the longer term housing that people are going to need when they don't have a place to go, when they don't have personal property to put a travel trailer on," said Romano.

With only eight weeks to complete this project, Bechtel crews are working day and night to ensure displaced families have a place to call home as soon as possible.

Construction manager Robert Jordan expects the project to be complete by the end of this month.

"Its going very well and everyone here is very happy that we can help the people of the state of Mississippi. Our single goal, other than safety, is to get people moved in as quickly as we can," said Jordan.

Right now, 28 trailers are set up on the far north end of the property. By Saturday, another 43 units are expected to be brought in.

"Families in the immediate vicinity that are currently in emergency group sites would be moved to this location," said Romano.

Bechtel will complete construction one section at a time, and so it might appear these trailers are just sitting empty. Romano says that's not the case.

"Once a certain portion of this park is built, we will be moving families in as soon as possible, but we want to make sure its safe for them," said Romano.

Jordan says the project should be finished in the next two weeks.

According to Romano, Bechtel has moved more than 35,000 units, both travel trailers and manufactured homes. That's the largest amount of temporary housing moved into one state in our nation's history.