New Police Chief Takes Office To The Streets

Speeding seems to be a problem in the Villa Del Ray community of Gulfport. And it's one problem Chief Alan Weatherford says will come to an end.

"Well, that's the reason we're out here," Chief Weatherford told one resident. "And if you don't see a difference in a couple of weeks you come back and see me."

Chief Weatherford took his office to the streets Thursday afternoon. He set up the Partners with Police Mobile Center at the corner of 39th Avenue and Castille Drive. It's a state-of-the-art mobile command post. And he assures Gulfport citizens this unit will not be taken for granted.

"You have to listen to what the citizens are saying. The citizens are not going to come to you unless there is a problem. We want to hear good and bad. I think it's important that we hear both, and I think it's important that I take my time and spend with the citizens. And the only way I know to do it is to get out into the neighborhoods and speak to every one of them," Weatherford said.

The chief, along with other Gulfport Police officers, spoke with a number of residents about their concerns.

Chief Weatherford says it's simply about quality of life. He believes everyone has a right to a certain level of quality and he and his officers aim to ensure it.

"If it's important enough to them, it's important enough to us," Weatherford said.

Chief Weatherford and other Gulfport officers will travel to various communities every Thursday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:30 to meet with and hear the concerns of residents.

The command post was paid for with grant money.