Biloxi Boat Owners Who Don't Pay May Face Eviction

The Biloxi Port Commission is sending out letters this week telling boat owners they must pay their monthly slip fees.

In September, the city waived the fees because access to the waterfront was limited. Since then, boat owners have asked the Port Commission to continue waiving or reducing the rates because of storm damage to the public harbors and marinas.

Port Director Frankie Duggan said that is unfair to the rest of the city's taxpayers and to those who have waited for years for a slip to become available. Duggan said despite the damage, bills have to be paid.

"We got the same expenses. We got the same maintenance problems, we've got insurance, we've got salaries and we've got to maintain our harbors. We provide 24 hour security and we've tried to make arrangements for everybody," Duggan said.

The city has $3.5 million in grant money to pay for repairs. Duggan said those will be made as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, any boat owner who doesn't pay their fees will face eviction.