God's Katrina Kitchen Attacked By Vandals

The tent being used to house God's Katrina Kitchen in Pass Christian was the target of vandals over the weekend. While portions of the tent may be down, volunteers insist the operation is not out.

Ropes that were used to hold up the sides of the tent were cut, and the sides collapsed. It happened sometime overnight on Sunday. No serious damage was reported to relief supplies inside the tent, and police are looking for a suspect.

Bill Thum works with the kitchen, and vows the mission will go on.

"We're here to stay. We take something like this and pray for the person who did this, we pray God's blessing on them. But that's the way we are. We don't fault the person who did this," Thum said.

The new tent was put up about a week ago to help the mission consolidate its services in one location under one large tent.