Storm Objects Dropped Off For Katrina Memorial

Hurricane Katrina survivors brought their storm stories to the Biloxi town green Monday morning.

That's where the ABC show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is building a memorial and taping a TV show. The monument will include a "memory case" of objects salvaged from the storm.

People stood in line to share stories and storm salvaged objects. One woman brought photos, while another clutched a broken piece of china.

"Yeah, that was in my yard," said Anthony Treyba.

Wood from Tullis Manor floated into his Crawford Street yard. He brought that, along with two anniversary Barq's bottles.

"And I had to dig them out of my house, which I stayed in during the storm," said Treyba.

"My brother called me this morning and told me they was doing it. I thought maybe trying to get a little piece of Biloxi back in here. So, that's the reason. I had a case of each one of them."

Ed Gemmill brought something personal and patriotic. He salvaged a flag which covered his father's casket in 1977.

"He was a World War Two vet and Army Air Corps, stationed at Keesler and married a Biloxi girl," said Gemmill.

"It's got some wear and tear on it, since I left it there to show my patriotism for the city and for the country. So, the wind's blown it around. It's got some tears on it," he added.

Tears on the flag and tears in the eyes of many who shared their stories. The memorial is serving its purpose.

Preston Sharp is the show's designer.

"People are already paying remembrance and mourning here. Loss. That's what a memorial is supposed to do," he said.

Jennifer Casper dropped off the mud covered remains of a Beach Boys record. Among the songs: "Catch A Wave." The AMR paramedic sees a song of hope in the "Endless Summer" album.

"An amazing thing to see everyone pull together like they did. And I'm really proud. And I think that, I wanted to bring that down here to symbolize we have endless hope," she said.

Objects will be part of the memorial's "memory case," signifying memories of a storm that impacted so many in South Mississipi.