Extreme Makeover, Local Contractor Kick Off Memorial Project

You may ask what a local contractor would have in common with one of the stars of a hit TV show.

Roy Anderson, II, and Preston Sharp are both passionate about building.

On Saturday, the two teamed up to build a Hurricane Katrina Memorial.

"As everyone knows, with thousands of homes destroyed, and millions of people displaced, we could not as a television show or as a building company ever address all the loss, so it's fitting that we target specifics, that reach out to many people, and that's why we're here right now," said Preston Sharp, one of the hosts of Extreme Makeover.

"I think it's going to be a symbolic gesture of all the suffering they've had on the coast, and also an expression of gratitude for people across the nation, and what they've done for the Mississippi Gulf Coast," said Roy Anderson, III, president and CEO of the Roy Anderson Corp.

Work on the project and filming began Saturday morning.

No specifics were given on how the memorial will look, but Anderson says this is a definite labor of love.

"We have a lot of subcontractors donating their services, and labor, and we're doing the same," Anderson said.

Crew members will be working round the clock to complete the project over the next five days.

The Hurricane Katrina Memorial will then be unveiled to the public.

The project will be part of four special Thursday night episodes of Extreme Makeover that will include the Mississippi Gulf Coast, New Orleans, Texas and Florida.

The Thursday night series will begin airing March 16.