Restoring Lives One Limb At A Time

The love and support continues to roll in.

Students from Brentwood Academy in Nashville sawed, hacked, pulled and plowed their way through storm ravaged homes along the coast.

They were all smiles.

Brentwood Academy students managed to mix in some fun along with their hard work.

Student Abigail Lawrence and her classmates were overwhelmed when they saw the huge task ahead.

"I never imagined that it would be this bad.When we first got here it was kind of discouraging because there was so much stuff," said Lawrence.

But they persevered.

"And now it just looks so different than it did. It just makes us feel good," said Lawrence.

Pascagoula native Warren Langworthy's daughter is a student at Brentwood. His last visit to the coast was in 2000.

He remembers Camille, but can't believe what Katrina has done.

"At first you are shocked its as if a bomb went off. I remember Highway 90 right after Camille and then how it was rebuilt into something spectacular. The human spirit is so much more important than the human house. That's what we are trying to show these high schoolers here. Its about spirit and people not things," said Langworthy.

"We have met so many people from all over the country. They are not exactly like us but they are on the same mission," said Langworthy.

That mission is to restore lives.

"One limb at a time," said Langworthy.