Destroyed Nursery Blooms Again On Arbor Day

"The place was pretty trashed. Just lots of debris. Things were blown over and broken," described Georgia Stasulis as she looked around her store.

It took Stasulis and her husband years to grow "Beatline Nursery" into a successful business. It didn't take long for Hurricane Katrina to destroy three decades of hard work.

"To lose all of your plants, that's devastating. It's just depressing to not be open, and not be in business. This is my life," said Stasulis.

After months of reflecting, the couple knew they had to rebuild.

"So many people asked if we're going to be coming back. I just think people are just ready for some color. They've been looking at piles of debris, trash, and devastation," Al Stasulis said.

"I had a beautiful maple and it fell on top of my wife's car," said Dominick Fimiano.

He is one of many loyal customers who are thrilled to see the nursery blooming again.

"I got to get my yard back in shape. I lost just about all of my, I lost a beautiful silver maple. I'm trying to put back what's been gone. It'll take years to come back. We lost too much here," Fimiano said.

For Nancy Garziano, the store's reopening so close to spring has a deeper meaning.

"It's a renewal of life and color, and making my place look pretty again," Garziano said.

The Stasulis' have deep roots in South Mississippi. That's why they're willing to stay to plant the seeds of hope in a community left barren by Katrina.

"It feels good. It's what we do. It's our life. It's just what we're here for. The beauty of plants and to share that," Georgia Stasulis said.

Katrina also destroyed 20 greenhouses at "Beatline Nursery," so the business is still trying to repair those facilities and replace all the crops and plants that were lost.