County Allows For Demolition Of Some Damaged, Historic Homes

All homes built prior to 1960 had been designated as historical sites by the State Division of Archives and History. That designation left Carlotta Arnsdorff out in the cold. She had been waiting since November to have the Corps of Engineers demolish her home on Thomas Street in Bay St. Louis.

Her home, built before 1960, was flooded and destroyed by Katrina. Over the weekend an inspector with the Corps told her that the Historical Society put a block on the demolition.

On Wednesday, WLOX met with Hancock County Historical Society Executive Director Charles Grey, who told us Arnsdorff's home and others weren't listed in the historical archives.

"Now archives and history tells me that they have cleared all those houses and that it has been turned over to the county and the delay is within the county process," Grey said.

That delay has been cleared up and now Carlotta Arnsdorff is breathing a sigh of relief. FEMA public information officer Gene Romano said her home can be demolished.

Carlotta says that's good news and can now begin construction on a new home.

Romano also said if anyone has a problem involving historic homes, they should contact the historic division of FEMA.