Woman Begs FEMA To Take Unused Trailer

Susan Fairchild's FEMA trailer sits in her friend's yard in Gulfport, with no one living inside.

Her family rode out Hurricane Katrina in Tennessee and while there applied for the trailer. They came back to Gulfport in late November and moved into an apartment. So since they didn't need the trailer, they called FEMA to pick it up.

"We told them that we'd be staying in our apartment and they had to start backing up the process of getting it out and that's been going on since December. They say, 'We'll be there soon. We'll be there after the first of the year.' Then they'll call to verify numbers or are you who you say you are and just phone call after phone call, but still there it is," Fairchild says.

Fairchild says she knows someone would be grateful to get the trailer.

"It breaks my heart. It's sad. I mean there it is, it's not being used and there's still people in tents."

FEMA spokesperson Gene Romano says he'll make sure the trailer is moved.

"We will contact her. We'll verify the information about the hookup and we certainly want to go ahead and move that unit so it can be used for another," Romano says.

Romano says Fairchild's case is unique. Most of the time he says people find other housing after they live in the trailer. He says removing it from a site means shifting manpower.

"We have to pull a crew off of taking a unit that we already have ready to get occupied and ready to be placed on a site, somebody who has been waiting for awhile. We're trying not to do that at this time."

But as far as Susan Fairchild's trailer, Romano says it will go to someone who has no other place to live.

If you have trailer questions there are three numbers to call for information: 1-866-877-6075, 1-800-621-3362 or (601) 352-8342.

About an hour after we spoke with her, Susan Fairchild says she got a call from FEMA. The agency says it will remove her trailer. But as of Thursday evening, it's still at the Gulf Avenue location.