Lt. Gov. Tuck Helps Raise Money For "In God We Trust" Posters

Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck visited with elementary school children to talk about the importance of displaying the United States motto, "In God We Trust" in every public school.

"We all know that visual aids are very important to learning," Tuck said. "They make a great impact on our students."

About 30 percent of schools around the state did not receive enough donations to cover the costs of the posters and frames. So the lieutenant governor helped raise money for the mottos so schools wouldn't have to foot the bill alone.

"I think we definitely need that in our school," school principal Joan Ishee said. "So many of our children like to see that there. It's on our money and they like it in our classroom. We've had a very good response from our children."

"I thought it was really nice that we got to have some In God We Trust posters in our schools," fourth grader Christian Smith said.

Now that there's enough money to cover the costs of 10,000 additional posters, every school can expect to have them by the end of next month.