Gautier Allows Habitat For Humanity To Build

The Gautier City Council unanimously approved a plan Tuesday night to allow Habitat for Humanity to build homes in the Cambridge subdivision.

The city had required all new homes to be at least 1325 square feet. That's larger than some Habitat home plans. But after consideration, the board overwhelmingly decided to bend the rule.

"It would be difficult for any of us to ride by and tell whether a house is 1,000 square feet or 1,300 square feet just by looking. That is a fact," Gautier Councilman Don Hansford said.

"We have a opportunity here again, and I repeat the word again, to help the citizens of Gautier find housing in the time of severe need," Gautier Councilman Dick Paul said.

"If you were building a 500 square foot house with people that are paying for it, that is better than a 1325 that sits vacant because nobody will buy it. And the support from Gautier's leaders have Habitat truly grateful," Gautier Councilman Jeff Wilkinson said.

"I think it is wonderful. I think these gentleman have really just taken the interest of Gautier to heart, and are doing what is really needed. I think their decision is a gift from God," Bruce Duckett with Habitat for Humanity said.

"We have received support from the city and the county level as well. It makes you feel good. Gautier is another one of those communities making sure no one is living in poverty homes in Jackson County," Al Sturgon with Habitat for Humanity said.