Langley Point Homeowners Consider Condo Proposal

Langley Point has long been known for its picturesque waterfront properties, many boasting stately homes. Katrina destroyed all of the homes in the area leaving homeowners with little more than slabs. But Tuesday night, Langley Point homeowners took time out to consider an alternative to rebuilding their homes.

The St. Martin Community Center was packed with members of the Langley Point Homeowners Association. Many of the residents showed up to hear more about plans for a possible condo development in the area.

"This is all a preliminary deal to find out exactly how many people want to go in," George Waddell said.

George Waddell is a Langley Point resident, but he's also spearheading the effort to build a condo complex. He shared the floor with Mobile architects interested in the proposed project. Details were sketchy, but after the meeting, residents seemed to be pretty firm with their opinions on the possibility of a condo complex in Langley Point.

"It sounds encouraging that we may get a high-rise condominium project at Langley Point because it's the only way I feel like I would rebuild or stay in the Biloxi area on Langley Point," said David Singletary, a Langley Point resident.

Jack Covacevich used to live in Langley Point. His daughter lives there now.

"I think it's a great idea myself. We lived at Langley Point for about 35 years. As a matter of fact, about six months before Camille, and our house got leveled," Covacevich said.

But Teresa Humphrey isn't sold on the idea.

"It looks beautiful, but we have the most beautiful community. It was so pretty, so peaceful. It looked like a little island that just belonged to us, and I'd rather have it how it was," said Humphrey, a Langley Point resident.

Residents filled out surveys on the matter as they left. It will take the approval of two-thirds of the Langley Point homeowners before the project moves along any further.