Katrina Beads A Popular New Throw

There's a brand new Mardi Gras bead that's flying off the shelves this year, the Katrina bead.

The long beads have an outline of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama with the date and two hurricane swirls. It was designed by an employee of Europe's Finest in Gulfport as a commemorative throw.

Each specialty bead goes for $7.99 and they've already sold 48,000 pair. Almost every order they've taken this year includes some Katrina beads.

Designer Rebekah Musgrove seems surprised at it's instant popularity.

Musgrove says, "It's great, but I didn't expect it to be this much, not at all. I didn't think people would be spending their money on beads to get Katrina beads. But it's great, they are very popular."