Gulf Park Estates Is Making Progress

Just five months ago, Rob Recio's Gulf Park Estate's home was so damaged no one thought it could ever house people again.

"Lost all of the studs, people were pretty much wondering how the house is still standing," Recio says.

"We're just here to serve. Whatever he needs us to do, we'll do," Volunteer Bryan Kelly says.

With the help of volunteers, Recio's home will be ready to move in in just a few weeks.

Harbor Landing Condominiums aren't too far behind. Katrina's water reached up to the second floor.

"We gutted it and are starting over and they are going to be better than ever," Realtor Teri Gandour says.

Gandour says they should be finished by August giving South Mississippi 110 more houses to call home.

C.J. Simons is helping to clean up the hurricane battered look in Gulf Park Estates.

"I'm trying to finish the bottom of the boat so we can splash it as soon as possible," Simons says. "Apparently, the storm blew it ashore."

Simons says it's just a matter of days before she has this yacht back in the water.

"We're making progress every day with it."

Resident Joy Card's not waiting for everything to be tidy.

"We just love coming down to the beach. We're not going to let this stop us," Card says. "I'm getting used to seeing refrigerators wrapped around trees."

But Card and her neighbors know it won't be like this much longer. Their community is coming back, and it's coming back stronger.

"The houses are going to be better than ever," Rob Recio says.

"Gulf Park Estates is amazing," Joy Card says.

If you are wondering about Broome's Marina on Beachview Drive in Gulf Park Estates, the owner says he isn't sure if the family will rebuild it. The future of the store depends on money and elevation standards.