Relief Workers From Seattle Volunteering On Super Sunday

For these diehard Seattle Seahawk fans, Bay Saint Louis Mississippi represents one heck of a road trip.

"Two of us actually drove down," says Dick McGrath of Seattle Washington. "It was a stretch. It took 3 1/2 days. And then the rest of our team flew in."

But this teams mission is no game.

"This is what matters," says Pastor Paul Strawn of North Creek Presbyterian Church in Mill Creek Washington. "We're here to do this. The Seahawks are going to win anyway so it doesn't matter if we're watching of not. It's just football. It's the kind of thing that pales in comparison to the needs here."

In fact when they scheduled their trip to South Mississippi to aid hurricane Katrina victims, they hadn't considered their beloved Seahawks might actually be playing in the Superbowl.

"That was lack of faith," says Pastor Strawn.

But working with their partners at First Presbyterian Church in Bay Saint Louis, they found a way to watch.

"We going to use a video projector with a dish feed and that's how we're going to see our team in the Superbowl, in a tent," says McGrath.

Taking a break from their work, the volunteers adjourned to this makeshift home theater to root on their hometown hero's.

They even invited a few Steeler fans along for the full effect. After all what's football without a little trash talking.

"They're crying towels for you guys," says a smiling Steeler fan holding his Terrible Towel.

But no matter who's team finishes number one, all are here for a greater cause,.. to keep South Mississippi on the road to a big come back.

"This was first," says McGrath. "This has been first for a long time. The Superbowl is going to be fun but there's an awful lot of other work that has to be done here."