Gautier Church Has Unique Super Bowl Party

It may not look like your ordinary Super Bowl party,and the menu is definitely not what you would expect

"They got soup for lunch today," says Church Secretary Marcia Stanley.

That's because members of The First United Methodist Church in Gautier are celebrating the big game in their own unique way.

"Everybody in the church brings a crock pot of soup," says Stanley.

That's right, the chips and dip were replaced with a variety of soups.

"We have pea soup, vegetable soup, ham , read beans, and rice over here. We have taco soup we have chili soup over here," says Stanley.

But this event is not just about the big game, it's about raising money for a good cause, the Biloxi Seashore Mission.

"The mission is gone. It was washed away during the storm and several people that were staying their were killed," says Stanley.

So the church is asking for donations to help raise money to get the mission back on track

"It is just mankind helping out other individuals that need help," says Volunteer Mike Cortelyou.

Although some members may not be able to catch every play, Volunteers say knowing they are helping those in need,makes it all worth it.

"It's more fun to give than receive so we are giving all we can," says Church Volunteer Larry Teesdale.

"It is a way to reach out to those in need. Everybody wants to party on super bowl Sunday and this our party,"says Stanley.