Post Katrina Carnival Season Kicks Off In Ocean Springs

Hundreds of people packed the streets of Oceans Springs Saturday afternoon ready to kick of Mardi Gras season.

And that's just what they did, forgeting all there Katrina troubles, at least for one day, and letting the good times roll.

"Being able to throw beads and catch them, or to just see the band is something bring people back down to earth, because we have be in a topsi turvy world for the last few months," says Ocean Springs Resident Romeo Brown.

"It is time to let all your worries go and enjoy parting for a little while, and then we will go back to reality," says Hattiesburg Resident Kevin Malone.

Amiee Harrison and her son travelled all the way from Vermont to celebrate the carnival season Harrison say she was amazed at the spirit of South Mississippi.

"I think it is incredible how people are just in a festive mood, and their still celebrating after the destruction, and everything that is going on, it a beautiful thing and I wanted to be a part of it," says Vermont Resident Amiee Harrison.

"I have been to every Mardi Gras in my life and I haven't wanted to miss to miss one," says Kevin Edwards.

And while there's no doubt Katrina has been a disruptive force in the lives of many residents, parade goers are determined not to let their Katrina trouble, rain on their parade.

"We have got hit pretty hard but we are not down. children scream," says Malone.