Volunteers Help Deaf Gulfport Resident Rebuild

The sound of hammers and saws fill the morning air of this West Gulfport neighborhood. Sounds that Judy Deschamp cannot hear.

"Everybody signed the card, and we got you some flowers," says Joan Craven as she hands Judy the flowers and bouquet.

But it's a sight Judy will never forget.

"One of our project managers Shawn Kennedy came to me and said he had run across a lady who was deaf and didn't have insurance," says Melanie Hotle Joan, an Office Manager for Cravens Roofing. "And she needed a new roof."

That young man who knows sign language, turned out to be the connection Deschamp had been desperate to make.

Joan Cravens Roofing donated the materials, but it was the employees who did the rest.

"We found one of our crews to do the work for us and also all of the office people came out to chip in today," says Hotle. "The girls from the office who don't normally do any work, manual labor anyway."

It's off the clock and on the job training, combined with good old fashioned back breaking work, that these local volunteers say is more than worth it.

"Exactly, getting a little dirty today, but it's for a good cause," says Hotle.

An effort that for Judy, mere words can hardly describe.

"You're welcome," says Craven, as she reads Judy's handwritten thank you note. "I hope you enjoy your new roof. "