South Mississippians Check Out Alternative Of Modular Housing

Thousands of displaced South Mississippians are eager to move into new homes as quickly as possible.

Modular housing is one alternative many people are considering.

That was evident by the turnout at a Modular Home Expo in D'Iberville Saturday.

"The questions I hear most frequently are how long will it take, how much is it going to cost me, and how will this help me never have to rebuild my home again?" said vendor Chip Gardner.

Vendors stayed busy fielding questions at the Modular Home Expo in D'Iberville.

Katrina wiped out about 450 homes in D'Iberville and damaged more than 600 others, leaving many people wondering how they're going to rebuild.

"I talked to a lady this morning, that lost her house, and she said, I have land, my home was paid for, I had no insurance. They gave me a check for $541 for repairs, but she said I have no home to repair, so she's very interested in one of these homes," said vendor Johnnie Brown.

Modular homes are built in sections at a factory.

Representatives at the expo say in the wake of the affordable housing crisis, modular homes are a good choice when it comes to rebuilding.

"Generally, depending on the house, of course, houses can start at $65 a square foot for a completed home, and really go upwards after that," Brown said.

Materials used to build modular homes, and help withstand severe weather, were also on display at the expo.

"We have a steel frame structure we think is going to be very helpful in giving homeowners an option to rebuild a home which will have far better chance against Mother Nature in the future," Gardner said.

And that's what the fair was all about, options to consider when it comes to the challenging task of rebuilding our homes here in South Mississippi.