Work On Fence Around Jail Nearing Completion

Officials with the Harrison County Jail expect the current improvement project to be completed in about 60 days.

Workers are currently putting up new double fencing. Between the two fences are large boulder type rocks that will make it difficult for inmates to walk or run over. The $750,000 job is part of the overall tighter security Sheriff George Payne vowed to install.

Jail Warden Dianne Gaston Riley says all the new measures should keep prisoners behind bars.

"Should something happen and they end up outside, we want to have an opportunity to at least find them on the grounds, and I think having that double fencing adds that extra security that we need," she said. "The rocks are actually security rocks for us, and they're very difficult to walk on. They're just another measure to somewhat slow down the process should someone get out of the building."

Another deterrent to jail breaks is the concrete that surrounds the perimeter of the fence. It's five feet deep which means inmates will have a hard time digging out.