Murder Victim's Father Worries Justice Won't Be Served

"We're still living in the hell that started that night when we found out he got killed," Victim's Father Tom Bonnett says.

Just days after Tom Bonnett's son, Travis, was found shot to death inside his car off Highway 63, Bonnett's life turned into a non-stop nightmare.

"Everyday I go by the cemetery he was buried in. It won't end, it's not going to end."

Adding to Bonnett's pain, the man charged with killing his son was released from jail on bond shortly after his arrest.

"The way the laws are set up, all the guys got to do is get a lawyer, pay a lawyer and get out. This guy allegedly just murdered somebody and he's out on the street," Bonnett says.

District Attorney Tony Lawrence says since Bridges was charged with murder, not capital murder. So, by law he is entitled to a bond and he took it.

But because he didn't show up for a court appearance in January, Lawrence says there's a bench warrant for Bridge's arrest. The Moss Point Police Department picked him up Thursday night.

"The only reason he is in jail now is because he didn't show up for court," Bonnett says. "I feel better that he's behind bars, but my worry is are they going to keep him behind bars this time."

Bonnett hopes the man accused of killing his son stays locked up, because he fears if Bridges gets out again, he may disappear for good.

"The next time I'll feel any better at all is when he's convicted, if he's convicted at all."