Langley Point Could Be Sold To Condo Developers

Just a few months ago, Greg Fountain could look out his window and see the shrimp boats and the casinos that dotted Biloxi.

"I always said it was the nicest view," the St. Martin man said.

But the view became much more drab the day Hurricane Katrina wiped out Langley Point.

That was August 29th. A day later, Fountain used a boat to sail back to his parents' property.

"When we came around the bend and seen Langley Point, it was just leveled, it was kind of a shock," he said.

Fountain lived with his parents in a 7,500 square foot home with eight bedrooms and five and a half baths. The powerful hurricane reduced his version of paradise into nothing more than a slab and a memory.

Suddenly, there are signs of recovery in Langley Point. A home at the corner of Rue Dauphin and Joan D'Arc Circle is under construction. And across the street, debris removal teams are clearing away the fallen limbs and crumbled bricks left behind by Katrina.

But there's also talk along the shores of this Jackson County neighborhood about selling out to a condo developer. If the price is right, Brad Canaan says he'll give up his waterfront view, because he can't see Langley Point ever making a complete recovery.

"I don't think it will. I really don't," Canaan said. "I don't think any of Race Track Road will be the same to be honest."

Race Track Road extends from the D'Iberville city limits to the Langley Point community.

Despite signs that say the Fountains will rebuild, Greg Fountain isn't sure about his family's future in that area either. His parents and his siblings own land further inland. And right now, he says those sites look better than a slab with a view.

The Langley Point Homeowners Association meets Tuesday night at seven at the St. Martin Community Center.