People Talk About Their $200 Million Powerball Dreams

Store owners say the estimated $200 million Powerball Lottery drawing on Wednesday night brought would be millionaires out in droves to buy tickets. It's one of the biggest payoffs ever. The Powerball is played in 21 states and the District of Columbia. The closest to us is Louisiana.

People were burning the machines up at the Last Chance convenience store on Highway 59 in Louisiana. More Powerball tickets are sold there than any other store in Louisiana. As the day grew shorter, the ticket line grew longer.

Assistant manager Karen Ragas said "We've been selling like 3,000 or 4,000 on each eight hour shift. For 200 million, I'm a get my tickets too."

Waiting in line might be boring. unless you spend the time daydreaming about the possibilities $200 million dollars would bring.

"The first thing I'll do is go out and buy me a big stretch limousine so I'll be comfortable when I start to make my purchases," said Rita Longs of Lumberton.

Kathryn Tripp of McNeil said "I want to build a new home and I want to get a new car and he wants a new truck."

"I'm going to the French Riviera," said Rose Taylor of Slidelll. "My husband is gonna quit work and go with me."

Barbara Stanton drove all the way from Pensacola to buy tickets in Slidell gas station. For her family comes first.

Stanton said "If I win I am a take care of my family. All of them. Sisters. Brother Mother Father Everybody."

Whether they bought one ticket or hundreds of tickets everyone hoped they'd picked the lucky numbers that would make them a millionaire.

by Danielle Thomas