Raises Planned for Ocean Springs Workers

Ocean Springs aldermen say the city is completing projects and everyday jobs, while staying within budget. That may be why the previous administration voted to give the current mayor and aldermen pay raises. But at the same time, the workers say they've heard that they are not getting a pay hike.

"Well right off hand they're just rumors right now until further notice," Public Works Employee Jesse Wells said.

Alderman Danny Jalanivich has heard the rumors too, and he says he doesn't know who's spreading word that city workers aren't getting raises. He says the truth is the aldermen are trying to squeeze the budget enough to pay workers more.

"We will give them a step increase that they normally get. Nothing is a given, but there are seven members on the board, and if we can find a way to do it, which we're exploring, we're going to do our best to make sure they get not across the board but the step increase."

Those increases range from $.30 to $1 more an hour. Jalanivich says he realizes people may say if city leaders get a raise, the workers should too.

"Well, they're going to say that, but people have got to understand that when that pay raise was made for this administration we had no idea what kind of situation we'd be in at this time."

With the budget looking stable enough to support higher salaries, Jalanivich says workers should be able to pocket more money.

The city has no time frame set for the raises. City workers say they've been told they could come in October or they may have to wait for January.