Coast Coliseum Working To Fend Off Competition

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum is facing some tough competition in attracting top name entertainers.

A new 10,000 seat arena just opened at the University of South Alabama. To our west, the New Orleans Arena, which seats 18-thousand people, opened last year. The Coast Coliseum's executive director says competition is tougher right now than its ever been.

Bill Holmes says his staff is aggressively trying to attract top-name entertainment.

"We are out hustling," Holmes said. "There is not a day that we are not on the phones, we are not trying to find out who is out there, how much is it, can we co-promote the show, can we promote the show, so these are the things that we are doing to try to make these things happen."

Holmes says attracting a top-name entertainer can require an up-front talent fee of at least $600,000.