Opinions Are Voiced On Future Biloxi Strip

The Edgewater Inn at the intersection of Camellia Street and Highway 90 had quite a bit of physical damage from Hurricane Katrina. But looking along the nearby Biloxi strip, the financial damage was even more severe.

Gone are the restaurants, hotels, and other businesses which brought tourists to the inn, and so business owners and workers have an idea of what is needed to help business boom once again.

"Casinos, getting some of our restaurants back, you know that kind of thing, would be really nice. Maybe do something special with the beach," said Edgewater Inn manager Karen Potter.

"I'd like for a lot of the restaurants, casinos and shopping to be back. Probably a lot like it was, but a little bit bigger," said Edgewater Inn housekeeper Lacey McArn.

"I would like to see more restaurants, a couple more casinos back, more activities on the beach. Just more things to do," said Edgewater Inn housekeeper Julie Stutts.

The fear of many South Mississippians and some out-of-towners is that the historic Biloxi strip will turn into simply an avenue of condominiums.

While we will not know for sure if that will be the case, one thing is definite - people want to see this stretch of Highway 90 come back bigger and better than before.

Construction worker Chris Hughes from Destin is in favor of condominiums, but he believes they should be built not simply for out-of towners who come once a year and then leave.

"Most of these condos are going up and they are renting these things ridiculously high, which isn't bad but I mean the normal person can't afford that," said Hughes.

But Jeri Ivey of Georgia says the strip should remain as it was before Katrina.

"I wouldn't like to see it actually go overboard with a bunch of different things. It was nice just having enough touch of what you had and the little businesses too," said Ivey.

But we'll have to see if that touch of pre-Katrina Biloxi will carry over into the future.

Some people we interviewed did not want to go on camera, but they believe the south side of Highway 90 should remain empty, due to on the all of the destruction caused by the storm.