Katrina Cottage Affordable Attractive Housing Option

Terry Beasley hopes the Katrina Cottage can give her some tips on life in small spaces.

"Everything's used, that's what I love."

Beasley's home right now is a FEMA trailer in Pass Christian and she wants ideas on the best way to use what little space she has.

"Mainly how to utilize the space, how you can get the most out of a small space. Because we are living in a FEMA trailer right now, a camper I should say, and just to see a standup shower and what you can do," she says.

Beasley says she's been looking at cottages like this one to put on property she just bought. The cottage was built in Jackson and the builder says he can construct this particular model for $45,000. That does not include the price of the foundation.

Still from a financial standpoint builder Jason Spellings says it's the best alternative to a FEMA trailer.

"When you drag a FEMA trailer onto your lot immediately your property values begin to go down. But you put a place like this on your lot your property values are actually added to immediately," Spellings says.

Members of the Governor's Rebuilding Commission say the cottage fits into most people's income and the Coast's environment.

"Not only is it durable and attractive and captures the architectural history of the Coast but it's a very efficient use of space. While it's only 300 square feet it, actually doesn't feel like 300 square feet," says Gavin Smith, the director of the Office of Recovery and Renewal.

Spellings says he expects to see the Katrina Cottage catch all along the Coast to meet the critical housing shortage. The cottage will be on display for the next month at the corner of Government Street and Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs.