Volunteer Medical Center Could Shut Down If Help Doesn't Come Soon

Since mid-September, a volunteer medical clinic in D'Iberville has been providing free health care. The clinic is run by volunteer doctors and donations from all across America.

The clinic first operated out of tents, then moved into an old grocery store in D'Iberville. But if the clinic can't find a new location, it may have to shut its doors.

Katrina flooded Joseph Bui's home, but he says the D'Iberville Volunteer Medical Center has provided a remedy for some of the health and financial problems he and his family have faced since the storm.

"The clinic is very important for everybody in the area right now because everybody needs help, and everybody needs medicines and check up," Bui said.

Clinic manager Beverly Squibb says the Lord led her and her husband from Missouri to set up this free health clinic in D'Iberville.

"This isn't where we tried to go to," Squibb said. "When Katrina hit, we tried to go to Texas."

But Squibb says it will take divine intervention--and a generous property owner to keep the clinic up and running in South Mississippi--since the old grocery store they've been operating out of is being sold to new owners.

"We said a prayer that we needed a facility, and we got a call that said a volunteer group that came down here, saw our need, went back home and bought us a double-wide modular home to be used for the clinic. Now we've got another prayer, we need land to put that mobile home on, so that we can continue this clinic," Squibb said.

Anywhere from 75 to 100 people visit this clinic each day. The clinic's manager says the new facility would allow them to extend services.

"Bigger, yes, and privacy," Squibb said. "Our exam room walls are blue tarps, so it doesn't make for much privacy."

Volunteers at the clinic say in the meantime, they'll continue to help fill a public need--that of health care as long as they are able to.

If you would like to help, or have property that's suitable for the new clinic, you can call 228-861-8437.