God's Katrina Kitchen Still Meeting The Need

There's always a line for the three meals dished up everyday at God's Katrina Kitchen. The tent kitchen is open seven days a week for anyone who needs or wants to eat.

"This is a wonderful place. They're feeding' people that still today can't fix their own hot meals and there's still lots of people in tents that make their way over here everyday and these are good people," says Long Beach resident Ed Harris.

The kitchen staff are volunteers from across the country who left their own lives. They say guided by God, they came to heal other lives.

Lezlie Anderson, a Michigan volunteer, says, "I'm still seeing people need help. When people come in and tell us their stories and you end up falling in love with the people down here... They've got so much hope now."

The people who eat at the kitchen are from all walks of life.

"These people are mucking out houses, cleaning up yards tearing out sheet rock. We're now getting into the phase of starting to repair houses. But these are all volunteers who are down here to rebuild Mississippi and the people that have the real need," says Bill Thum from Oregon.

Truck loads of food and other supplies donated by churches, organizations and individuals arrive everyday. The workers never know what's going to show up.

"We pray and if we have a need it's provided," says Thum.