Fifteen-Month-Old Girl Found Alive After Authorities Issue Amber Alert

A baby girl is safe after an Amber Alert early Sunday evening.

Fifteen-month-old Chloe Lee Murphy was found less than two hours after authorities issued the Amber Alert.

Officials with the Mississippi Highway Patrol notified the media around 7:30 Sunday evening regarding her disappearance.

This marked only the second time Mississippi's law enforcers have had to use the Amber Alert system.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol confirms young Chloe was found around 9:15 on Graveline Road not far from where it all started at the K and A convenience store on Ladnier Road.

Police say Chloe's father went inside the store to pay for gas leaving his daughter in the car with the engine running.

That's when, authorities say, a young black male apparently jumped into the car driving off heading west on Guillottesville Road.

Again, Chloe Lee Murphy was found alive and the Highway Patrol says she appears to be okay.

As for the suspect, police have not released any information about whether he is in custody.