Some Say They're Staying On Beach

With all the hard work they've done and all the hard work still to come, Becky and Courtney Green say moving away from their Biloxi beach front home never crossed their minds.

"I don't think we could ever just walk away from it," said Courtney Green. "We're fortunate. Most of our neighbors lost their homes and so we're very fortunate here."

The husband and wife moved back in the night after Katrina hit.

They say finding someone qualified to repair the damaged foundation, floors, and roof of a house built in 1906 isn't easy, but they're determined the work will get done.

"It's a Colonial Revival. It's one of the few left on the beach so we feel it's our obligation to restore the home to its original state," Becky Green said.

Next door, the First Presbyterian Church of Biloxi continues to hold services just as it did the Sunday after Katrina.

The pastor believes it is the only area beach front church still worshiping in its sanctuary.

"We're the only church as far as I know on the Mississippi Gulf Water," said Rev. David Skinner. "So to be the only one left, there wasn't very much discussion about the fact that probably the Lord wants us to be here. Wants us to stay here. To minister right here on the water."

The hope is that neighbors who didn't fare as well will also decide to come back.