Diamondhead Residents On A Mission To Clean Up After Katrina

The Diamondhead Yacht Club is one of the few structures south of the interstate still standing following hurricane Katrina.

We will rebuild that Yacht Club," says resident Lee Taylor. "Because that thing is a symbol of our toughness to be able to survive this stuff."

"We're OK," says a resident raking the grounds. "We lost a lot of stuff but we owned the stuff. The stuff didn't own us."

Saturday, the Yacht Club was one of several rallying points for a new citizen volunteer group known as DOGS.

"DOGS, which is Diamondhead Owners Group South," says Taylor. "But it is just a coordination thing to get our people talking to each other and sharing information and doing little projects like this."

Little projects that resident Jim Fisher is proud to be a part of and one he's confident will grow.

"Oh, no question about it," says Fisher. "People are very proud of this community and they'll be here."

The short term goal is to have the DOGS sniff out more damaged areas of town at least once every month.

And the long range plan is to return Diamondhead to the sparkling gem it was before Katrina, and make it a shining example for other communities, of what citizen pride and cooperation can accomplish.

"This is Paradise and we're going to put it back to being that way," says Taylor. "One day this place is going to be better than what it was. It'll be different but it will be better."