Upward Basketball Ministry Mixes Hoops And Religion For Children

No it is not the NBA but these young people are working hard to get there, not just with talent,but spirituality

"It combines recreation and the things kids love to do with biblical principals," says Director Allen Broome.

And this is all done by the Upward Basketball sports ministry, promoting the teaching of Jesus through shooting hoops.

" They have devotional that they have at practice they have scripture memory versus that they learn each week," says Broome.

And there is no stars on this team for everyone is equal.

"Every one gets a chance to score and stuff," says basketball player Wes Windham.

"No matter how good they are with there skills, they all get to play the same amount of time," says Broome.

And what is a basketball team without cheerleaders.

"I am learning how to cheer and I am learning things about Jesus," says cheerleader Tina Patterson.

The lesson the young people learn can also be applied to life off the court.

"Like at school and stuff, like how to treat friends, and if every body else is doing something wrong that doesn't mean you have to do it," says Windham.

"To be a team and to help others with what they need help with," says cheerleader Taylor Killingsworth.

And that organizers say is their goal.

"If you have a positive outlet for them such a sports ministry the kids are going to get out there and enjoy being with other kids and role models that are Christian, "says Cheerleading Coach Tracy Broome.

If you're interested in signing your child up for the program call Allen Broome at Emanuel Baptist Church at 875-5391.

By Patrice Clark