Workshop Offers Tips for Repairing Storm Damaged Homes

As many of us in South Mississippi know, rebuilding your home can be a painstaking process, especially when you're doing the work yourself.

Well, Home Depot is trying to lend a helping hand by holding home repair workshops for people in our area.

Saturday was the first day of the two day workshop.

Steve Givens was there.

He has been busy since Katrina.

He's spent the past few months repairing his storm-battered home in Biloxi.

Saturday, he took time out to learn more about the home repair business.

"I came over to the show just to see what type of new products are available, maybe some things to mitigate any future damage that we may have in the event of a new storm. I'm thinking about building a new home, and looking for energy-efficient type products, and so forth," Givens said.

Givens is not alone.

Workshop coordintors say a lot of homeowners in Katrina-ravaged areas have become home repairmen since the storm.

"Concerns are what can I do because I can't find a contractor. How do I hang a door? How do I reset my windows? And again, some of these are pretty elementary do-it-yourself skills. They're still skills that under normal circumstances, you would hire a contractor to do. You can't find a contractor so you learn to do it yourself," said Don Harrison of Home Depot.

Tim Johnson, a local contractor, was at the workshop.

He has plenty of experience when it comes to home building and repairs, but he wanted to check out the latest tools and technology of his trade.

"It's a good opportunity to get out here, you know, see all the products, all the newer products. We just came out to help ourselves out, and help rebuild the coast," Johnson said.

And that's what the workshop is all about, supplying people with the tools and knowledge they need to rebuild their own homes and South Mississippi.

The workshop will continue Sunday.

Home Depot will be giving away gift cards and discount coupons to the first 500 attendees.

The workshop is being held at the IP in Biloxi.

It opens Sunday at 9 a.m. and will wrap up at 4 p.m.

The gift cards can be used anytime after noon on Monday.