Modern Ship Leaves Ingalls to Join Navy Fleet

Although the "Turn Over" ceremony was traditional, the USS Bulkeley is one of the most modern ships preparing to join the Navy's fleet.

Everything is controlled by a push of a button on the ship. "She has been the most complete ship Ingalls has delivered, in several ships now, we are very proud of that," said Capt. Carlos Del Toro with the USS Bulkeley.

Inside the Bulkeley, computers can be found everywhere. On bridge, traditional navigation on paper maps has been replaced by satellite positioning and computer mapping. Everything they do is computerized, from steering the ship to combating fires, that's all on computers. The ship's fighting systems use some of the most advanced computer programs.

All of the Bulkeley's weapons communicate almost instantaneously with each other and the ship's radar. "It's much quicker. We can shoot simultaneously at multiple targets instead of two at a time," said Kelvin Savage who is one of the ship's computer experts. "This system is very intricate we have on board. It's not something you are going to learn over night. It's a lot on hands on training."

The 300 member crew will get a lot more "hands on training" as the Bulkeley prepares to enter the fleet later this year. The Bulkeley is also using a new type of twisted rudder to reduce wear.

The Bulkeley will remain at Ingalls for a few more months before leaving in November for commissioning in New York.