California Man Runs Across The Country For Hurricane Aid

Jonathon Prince calls himself a Lifestyle Runner. He says regardless of what the weather is like, he's going to run.

"I do about five to eight miles just typically in my lifestyle, just to work out and stay in shape."

He says supporters across the country have taken to calling him "the Black Forrest Gump," and for good reason.

"I've been running since October 6th, 2005," says Prince. "You know I started taking the route of Interstate 10. So that's through California, on into Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. I was in Texas for about a month and a half, so it was very relieving to get to Louisiana, on into New Orleans and now I'm in Mississippi."

Unlike his fictional namesake, Jonathon is running for a reason.

"I decided to organize Run 4 Relief as an initiative to incorporate what I do in my daily lifestyle, which is run. I knew I could raise more than I could donate."

Twenty-two hundred miles later, he's raised about $13,000 to help local Habitat for Humanity organizations rebuild after last year's hurricanes.

"Yeah, this is my last pair," Prince says of his 5th pair of running shoes. "And I'm looking at finishing hard in these."

That hard finish occurs in Atlanta next month, at his alma mater, Clark Atlanta University.

"I have about 400 more miles until I reach Atlanta."

But it's the last leg of this marathon, that's made the strongest impression on this road warrior.

"Seeing the devastation totally hits home. It really sheds light. It really makes me feel like what I'm doing makes sense."

Prince's hope is that the money he's raising helps. But more importantly, he hopes his story of one man's long journey will inspire others to find their own way.